Gambling With Gateways

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Gambling With Gateways

Post  spook on Wed Oct 19, 2011 11:40 pm

Setting/Time: Earth, Hell, and a few stops in between / Modern

spook (vampyre, lil'll get to know her), was...well, not so much abducted as fell through the rabbit hole. Landed in Bernard's lap (elf, entirely too patient...) because he just had to be playing with portals, didn't he. Not crashing Tonka trucks into each other like normal kidz... Anyhow, they've had a tiff or two, complete with make up/out sessions...beds and chairs and tables... But then this disembodied evil thing wanted to play with her, only its version included a possession of sorts. In order to save her, Bernard jerked them sideways out of his home, and now they're in France somewhere. spook's ok with that, mostly, she speaks French, but wandering around aimlessly is going to get Bernard into trouble rather quickly if he doesn't find something to engage her.

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